Security​ of fund

Segregation of fund​

In compliance with our corporate policy and regulatory rules, HCFX adopts strict client funds protection policies that ensure all client funds are kept fully segregated. Client funds are received into bank account separate from those use by the company. These funds are off the balance sheet and cannot be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of the default of the company.​

Popular Fund Methods​

Being able to make a deposit or withdrawal on your own terms is so important to your trading experience. So, we provide a range of secure, instant, and easy to use deposit and withdrawal options.​

Negative Balance Protection​

Volatility often occurs in the market. HCFX policy of negative balance protection means that even under highly volatile conditions when margin calls and stop out do not function correctly, no client is responsible for paying back a negative balance.

Risk Management​

The Company continually identifies, assesses, and monitors each type of risk associated with its operations. This means assessing on a continuous basis the effectiveness of the policies, arrangements, and procedures in place which allow the company to easily be able to cover its financial needs and capital requirement at any time.​