About Us

HCFX known as, brand name of HC Holding Group Limited has been in business since 2017 and was incorporated in Auckland, New Zealand. HCFX, which synthesizes customer satisfaction with the most experienced and educated team of financial markets and high-level technological opportunities, is an industry leader that has fully adopted corporate governance principles.


We envision a future with fair, sustainable and trusted in condition for traders and investors.​


We set out to meet the trusted products and experiences that make us the top choice destination for traders wanting to build wealth through knowledge.

HCFX Valuest​

As a multi-assets broker, HCFX adhere to transparency, honesty and candidness at all levels providing a level playing field for all. We specialized in providing premium market intermediary services with high quality to full transparency, excellence, and continuous innovation. We believe that investment in our source of expertise will continuously strives to maintain a safe and reliable trading environment.