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The MetaTrader 4 trading platform (MT4) is the most popular online trading terminal in the world, and is an important trading tool for all investors in the online financial market. Using HCFX high quality transaction execution and the most competitive offer, you can trade more than 40 kinds of foreign exchange and differential contract products directly and internationally on the MT4 trading platform and experience the fun of high and new technology.

The MT4 trading platform is popular and highly appreciated by global investors with an intuitive user interface and highly customizable functions. The user can customize the transaction strategy you need in the most convenient way. A wealth of charts and technical indicators on the platform can help customers understand the latest market trends and seize every trading opportunity. More importantly, the platform supports the MQL language to create the Expert Advisor intelligent transaction system (EA) program, enabling you to customize and manage multiple transactions easily.
Software advantages

Flexible trading function

3 execution modes

2 market orders

4 lists

2 stop loss and one tracking stop loss

Advanced technical analysis

interactive chart

9 timetable

23 analysis technology

30 technical index

Tens of thousands of trading strategies

thousands of provider

tens of thousands of trading strategies

any transaction conditions

Intelligent EA automatic trading

MQL4 trading strategy language


policy test

free automatic trading program library

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