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Foreign exchange profile

Forex is considered to be the most active and most mobile financial product in the world. The volume of global foreign exchange transactions per day is estimated to exceed $4 trillion. Spot forex trading is a product that is traded through a financial institution and is different from trading through an exchange because there is no place for actual goods exchange and no central exchange. There is no limit to the trading hours of foreign exchange when the market operates every Friday, and the exchange rate between major currencies is constantly updated. Such high liquidity and frequent fluctuations in prices have caused foreign exchange investment to attract a large number of experienced investors.

Why invest in foreign exchange?

High liquidity

With more than $4 trillion in daily trading volume and the participation of millions of investors in the foreign exchange market, there is always a chance to enter and exit the market at a fairly transparent price.

Predictable market

The trend in the foreign exchange market is repetitive and regular. This allows market participants to increase the price expectations after effectively using the auxiliary analysis tools.

24-hour T+0 transaction

The foreign exchange market is a 24-hour continuous global market, starting from the opening of Wellington, New Zealand on Monday, until the end of the US market on Friday.

Two-way transaction

Because the foreign exchange market is constantly changing, there is always an opportunity to trade, to choose a currency to depreciate or appreciate relative to another currency. Therefore, investors can profit from multiple positions or short positions.

Trading rules

Transaction code Foreign Currency
Standard trading contract 100,000 currency units
Minimum trading unit 0.01 hand
Minimum amplitude 0.01
Value/hand of every point Valuation currency unit or 1000 yen
Margin ratio 1%
Trading hours (Beijing time) Monday 05:05 to Saturday 05:00, overnight 05:00-05:05 Closed 5 minutes (daylight saving time)  
Monday 06:05 to Saturday 06:00, overnight 06:00-06:05 Closed 5 minutes (winter time)

Example 2 Buy 1 standard lot of EUR/USD CFDs (contract size 100,000) to bullish the EUR/USD exchange rate.

Transaction description Profit/loss
Buy/Do more 1 standard EUR/USD contract with a buy price of 1.13330 1 x 100,000 x 1.13330 = $113,330 (contract value is quoted in quoted (RHS) currency)
The account setting has a bar ratio of 200:1, that is, the initial margin requirement is 0.5% of the contract value. US$113,330 x 0.005 = US$566.65 (initial margin) will change due to market price fluctuations
Close 1 standard hand EUR/USD (EURUSD) contract (sell/short), the selling price is 1.13830 (1.13830 - 1.13330) x 1 x 100,000 = $500.00 profit
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