Trading products

Foreign exchange

1. The most liquid market in the world

2. Trading 6 trillion US dollars per day

3, T+0 trading 24 hours a day

4. More than 170 different currency

5, 27 times larger than the stock market

Precious metal

1. A sufficiently liquid financial market

2, 24-hour trading two-way trading

3, the variety is unique, extensive

4. Margin trading

5, T+0 transaction

Stock index

1, support two-way trading,buy down

2, T + 0 trading mode,trading the day

3. The way of cash delivery,liquidity

4, high leverage,capital utilization rate

5. Connect to global financial markets


1. Global products with sufficient

2, trading,T + 0 two-way trading

3, simple operation, single variety

4, market fluctuations for operation.

5, high leverage margin trading

Our advantage

Provide a high-quality trading environment with integrity, transparency and fairness

Comply with and adhere to the highest standards of regulation and regulations

Trading software

A world-class trading platform that makes your transactions faster and more stable, efficient and transparent for a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems

  • PC
  • iPhone
  • iPhone

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